Mental Health in the workplace is a growing concern, with the cost to employers estimated at $1,494 per employee per year.

Some statistics*:

  • 51% of managers believe they have employees with mental health, significant stress or substance use issues

  • 26% of employees with high levels of work stress, report taking a mental health absence vs. 6% of employees with low levels of work stress

  • 30% of employees report extreme work stress

  • 23% of employees report extreme personal stress

  • 66% of employees who took time off for a mental health issue, did so unofficially, with the time not recorded as an absence day 

With the introduction of the National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace, greater attention is being focused on mental health by individuals, the business community, and regulators. Companies that wish to be viewed as leading employers will increasingly be expected to embrace best practices for mental health.

Castle Corporate Health was developed in 2016 as an employee support services provider. Our focus is on the corporate sector, providing training, education and support to all individuals within an organization. These services include: wellness seminars and workshops, counselling services for employees and their family members, consultation services for managers and supervisors, and learning and development interventions cover a wide range of issues, particularly those relating to employee performance in the workplace.

Our goal is to provide unique, tailored solutions to individuals and corporations, enabling people of all ages to live, work and learn to their fullest potential. 

*Morneau Shepell’s 2016 report on workplace mental health priorities



Competence reflects our recognition that the development of strategies are continually evolving as learning and research advances. We base our training materials on an integration of the best research evidence relevant to the field with effective practices. Further, Competence illustrates our consideration of the best fit for the communities of our training participants. We honour the diversity that makes up today’s workforce. Overall health and positive service is promoted when there is an effort to increase awareness and respect of clients’ ethnicity, nationality, spirituality, gender, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status.

Compassion is the motivation to assist in the challenges of others. It is well documented that happy people are productive people, and it is the fundamental belief of Castle Corporate Health that everyone, regardless of station, is entitled to the best possible guidance toward that goal. Positive mental health allows people to 

  • Realize their full potential
  • Cope successfully with life’s pressures
  • Work productively
  • Enjoy positive relationships
  • Make good choices

Castle Corporate Health has the experience and resources to help your organization achieve widespread positive mental health, and thus enjoy increased employee satisfaction and enhanced productivity.

Commitment is our pledge to you and your organization that your challenges will be successfully addressed and your goals will be met. It is for that reason, every intervention will be tailored specifically to your needs and objectives. To ensure your satisfaction and to measure knowledge transfer, follow-up assessments can be held at 3- and 6- month intervals. Through these post-training assessments, we can monitor progress and address any new or resistant issues. Your satisfaction, and that of your teams are our top priority.